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HD Chemicals LTD has been improving and selling its wide range of products throughout the world for a long time. As a highly experienced Company, HD Chemical supply marine and construction industry, as well as individual household worldwide. Years of intensive research have led us to innovations embraced by many branches, as we have made a great contribution to the economic aspect. Our unique product range will help reduce time and cost of removing most unwanted top coats of man-made constructions, such as: paint, grease, mould, fungal and algal growths. 


HD Strippit Max became our flag product as one of the top rated Antifouling & Paint Removers in 2014.

The core of HD Chemical Mission and Vision is based on delivering reliable high quality products that meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. Our advanced technology has been designed and stays under strict supervision of dedicated team that engages scientists and engineers from different countries.

Our expert’s knowledge regarding chemistry, physics and engineering disciplines, allow us to continuously improve our products in a world changing environment. Huge level of their involvement and common commitment is significant to Company believes and objectives.

Sustainable Management HD Chemical approach is focused on quality and sustainable development to gain profitable growth from day to day. We do our best to deliver our product in environmentally sound manner that remains professional and efficient. We try to minimize the harmful impact from exposure to any of our products. To ensure safe chemical handling we provide full specification required at different manufacturing stages, as well as we offer sale and post-sale support.

Please note, that due to product differentiation, we provide information on each packing that help users to make a risk assessment and use it safely.

We work hard for our Company and our Products to be the best in your eyes!


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